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When disaster strikes count on Cardinal



Cardinal Restoration is the culmination of years, and countless hours spent in the devotion of helping customers and restoring what has been lost. Insurance agents want a sense of confidence that they can entrust a client’s claim to a dependable company that’s going to fix what’s been damaged by an accidental loss. Likewise, clients want professionals they know can do the job well, whom they feel comfortable around and trust, and whom they know have their best interests in mind. The Cardinal Restoration team has earned this reputation with both clients and agents. It’s not a reputation that comes from talking the talk. It’s a gained confidence that only developed by having our actions match our words, time and time again.

Cardinal Restoration was born with the sole focus of servicing restoration needs rather than being a general construction company that picks up some restoration work when times are slow. Years later, thousands of clients can attest to Cardinal’s commitment to quality restoration, hyper-responsiveness, personalized attention, and consistent dependability is what makes all the difference.


Water Remediation

Water damage can occur from numerous sources as water pressure within residential and commercial buildings is very high and always looking for an outlet. Once it finds an exit it’s disastrous. Left unchecked and untreated, damage can mount quickly. The sooner the source is stopped, the next important thing is to limit the amount of damage by drying immediately. However, there are numerous professional drying solutions that can be employed to reduce damage and the need for invasive restoration. Cardinal has significant experience in water remediation and water damage restoration.

Fire Remediation

Nobody plans on fire damage. It happens without a moments notice and always at an inconvenient time. The old saying, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire” is also true in reverse. With fire damage, there almost always smoke damage too. We at Cardinal Restoration have extensive experience providing comprehensive fire remediation services. Whether it’s a whole house loss, or isolated to a specific are of a structure, we can put it back to the way it was and deal with any residual smoke issues as well.

Mold Remediation

Mold is a product of time and nature. Given the right conditions, if grows, and if left unchecked, it can rapidly become a serious health hazard. Mold can and does grow everywhere, but the ripest conditions usually include a lot of moisture. In the South where significant humidity is present, crawl spaces, basements, and poorly ventilated interior rooms help mold easily take root. However when addressing mold, there’s a lot of companies out there that use scare tactics and go overboard on remediation work selling customers far more then they really need. At Cardinal Restoration, we pride ourselves on looking out for our client’s best interests, on shooting them straight when it comes to necessary recommendations, and on getting the job done well. When there’s mold, we can meet it head on and make it like it was never there.




Reuben and his team are fantastic and I cannot recommend highly enough. Extremely knowledgeable about mold remediation and goes above and beyond in advising and helping out his customers.

-Jake Martin

We hired these folks to repair extensive damage from a pipe breaking at a house in Rock Hill (which led to a further discovery that nearly all of the plumbing in the house had to be replaced). Ultimately, sheet-rock torn out by plumbers all over the house had to be repaired and a bathroom floor had to be lifted out, sub-floor cleaned and repaired and everything (e.g., tub) put back into place.

Everything about the experience was as good as it could be. They dealt with the insurance adjuster, worked with us on scheduling, did the work well-within promised time-frame and cleaned up very well. Its been about three months, and everything still seems great. Never had such a positive experience in this sort of context.

It is pretty miserable to need a restoration contractor, but I would not hesitate to use these folks again.

- J Aberman, Rock Hill NC


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